Peavey Solo 12W Review – No frills, but the thrill of a tube!

Solid-state guitar amp technology has come a long way over the years, and one area of ​​steady improvement is the budget amp market. The Peavey Solo 12W is a perfect example. While there are few bells and whistles, this compact practice amp is an interesting prospect for beginners and bargain hunters alike, thanks to a … Read more

Fender Champion 20 Reviews

Because amps and effects can get very expensive, playing guitar can be a rewarding but expensive hobby. A quality amp can make a huge difference in tone and help every player make their game unique. I have a lot of really expensive amps, but none are as cheap but useful as this one. Small and … Read more

Peavey Backstage Review – Budget Guitar Amp

I know it can be confusing as a beginner to buy an amp for your first electric guitar, I got questions from friends in town who picked up the guitar like “should I buy this *premium amp* Increase as a beginner?”. No, you shouldn’t put your hard-earned cash into an expensive amp for your first … Read more

Vox VT20X Review – How Does This Modeling Amplifier Work?

A modeling amp is an excellent device for any guitarist. They allow you to dynamically switch between different amp tones in a more compact, affordable package. Vox’s VT20X is the latest version of the hugely popular Valvetronix, and it promises to be a giant leap forward in amp modeling. Draft On the outside, the Vox … Read more

Line 6 Spider V30 MK2 Amp Review 2022

Line 6 Spider V30 is a DSP-based modeling amplifier designed for over 200 amplifier models. The amp features a built-in 8-inch speaker that provides full-range audio via the AUX input option. With access to all these presets and 30 watts of power, this is a versatile guitar amp! Let’s take a look at some of … Read more

Orange Crush 12 Guitar Amp Review

The orange amplifier is from the UK. So you can expect creamy British Invasion Rock pouring out of their speakers. Nonetheless, we’re testing the humble Orange Crush 12, an entry-level solid-state guitar amp that can be used as an entry-level device. The brand’s line of amplifiers has a top-notch reputation. That’s because legendary rock musicians … Read more

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I have worked in churches for a while and know how to fight for the best church technology. The sound system requirements for church choirs and similar events are quite different from regular open space events. So, what are the qualities of a loudspeaker used in a church choir? With this little knowledge, I started … Read more

Bugera V5 review | A little box full of potential

It’s no secret that tube amps are making a big comeback. The Bugera Infinium series of all tube amps should be at the top of your list. We have seen this trend increase in recent years. Those who claim that solid-state technology has made tubes obsolete may choke on themselves by getting stuck in their … Read more